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Easy generate PDF Files with HTML support.

Installing the Bundle

Install the Bundle using Artisan:

$ php artisan bundle:install HTML2PDF

Alternative you can download it directly from GitHub:

Just register the Bundle on applications/bundles.php
'html2pdf' => array(
    'auto' => true,

Explanation for lack of examples

Unfortunately, it allowed the Markdown editor not to use html tags. For this reason, I present no sample code. But you can see all the test samples from the folder and.

It should be said that HTML2PDF perfectly works with View::make().

Creator Website

Tipps and Tricks

If you have a PDF directly in the browser want to spend

return Response::make($html2pdf->Output(), 200, array('Content-type' => 'application/pdf'));


You can install this bundle by running the following CLI command:

php artisan bundle:install HTML2PDF

Alternatively you can download it directly from GitHub:


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