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Bob can be used to generate all kinds of useful files and classes, for use with the wonderfully fabulous Laravel PHP Framework, authored by Taylor Otwell.

If you have used ruby on rails' generate, or FuelPHP's Oil you will be familiar with its syntax.

Bob was created by Dayle Rees, with thanks to Phill Sparks, Eric Barnes and Taylor Otwell for all the help and support.

Latest Changes:

  • Nested resources can now be generated.
  • PHPUnit tests can now be generated.
  • Bundles can now be generated.
  • Output is now colored for clarity.
  • Many bug fixes and refactors.


To install Bob, from the base of your laravel project simply type :

php artisan bundle:install bob

And to activate the bundle, simply add 'bob' to the array in your application/bundles.php :

return array('bob', ... other stuff ..);

To enable colored output on Windows, please install ansicon :

ansicon on github

Thanks to Taylor Otwell for the link!


You can send commands to bob, using Laravel's Artisan tool with the following syntax :

php artisan bob::build  [args] [options]

However, I would recommend adding the following alias to your shell startup file (.bashrc .zshrc) :

alias bob="php artisan bob::build"

and now you can invoke Bob in a more elegant format :

bob  [args] [options]

Global Arguments

Using --force will force Bob to overwrite files and folders, if they already exist.

Using --pretend will show the result of a Bob generation, without writing the changes to the filesystem.

Generation Reference

Most of the commands, can generate code for a bundle, to specify that you wish to do so, simply add the bundle name and a double colon before the class name, for example :

bob controller mybundle::controllername

Many resources can be generated for subfolders, to do this simply use periods (.) to seperate folders and resources, for example :

bob controller mybundle::afolder.anotherfolder.controllername

Class prefixes will be added automatically.


To generate controllers with actions, and view files, simply pass the action names as extra arguments to the controller command :

bob controller [args]  [actions ...]

Note : You can use the shortcut bob c instead of bob controller to save characters.

Use the --blade switch anywhere within the command to generate view files with the Blade extension (.blade.php).


To generate Eloquent models, simply use the model command :

bob model [args]  [relationships ...]

Note : You can use the shortcut bob m instead of bob model to save characters.

Relationships can be defined in the format relationship_type:object_name for example :

bob model users has_many:task

Note: Always use the singular when generating relationships, if plurals are defined in the laravel strings.php file, they will be converted automatically.

Here is a list of acceptable relationships, and their shortcuts :

  • has_many or hm
  • has_one or ho
  • belongs_to or bt
  • has_and_belongs_to_many or hbm

You can also add automatic timestamps to your models by adding the argument --timestamps or --t. Remember to create the updated_at and created_at fields to your database.


Artisan is already able to generate migrations, however I have provided a handy 'wrapper' method to bob to enable quick creation.

To make a new migration simply use the format :

bob migration 

Note : You can use the shortcut bob mig instead of bob migration to save characters.

For more information and switches, see the Laravel documentation.


To generate a unit test for use with PHPUnit, use the following command :

bob test [args]  [test_cases ...]

PHPUnit uses CamelCase for its class and functions, therefore tests can be created as in this example :

bob test Something AThingWorks AnotherThingWorks

Bob will automatically prefix Test to the class and test to each test case.

Note : You can use the shortcut bob t instead of bob test to save characters.


Bob can now generate bundle directories, with a start.php, simply use the command :

bob bundle [args] 

Note : You can use the shortcut bob b instead of bob bundle to save characters.

Project Specific Templates

Bob templates can be customized on a per project basis, to add custom templates simply copy the files at




You may then customize the templates within the bob folder, markers are displayed with #symbols#.


More to come soon! Thanks for using Bob!


You can install this bundle by running the following CLI command:

php artisan bundle:install bob

Alternatively you can download it directly from GitHub:


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