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Dropbox API

This bundle allows your Laravel application to access the Dropbox API via a Dropbox App. If you don't have a Dropbox App, you can create one at []



php artisan bundle:install dropbox

Bundle Registration

Add the following to your application/bundles.php file:

'dropbox' => array(
    'auto'    => true,


Configuration is done in the bundle's "start" event. A good place to put this is in your application/start.php. Here's an example:

Event::listen('laravel.started: dropbox', function()
    Config::set('dropbox::config.app_key', 'your-app-key');
    Config::set('dropbox::config.app_secret', 'your-app-secret');
    Config::set('dropbox::config.encryption_key', 'This should be a unique 32-character string');
    Config::set('dropbox::config.root', 'sandbox'); // Either 'sandbox' or 'dropbox'

You can also set your OAuth access token in this event (see the "Storing OAuth Tokens" section below).

Config::set('dropbox::config.access_token', array(
    'oauth_token_secret' => 'your-oauth-token-secret',
    'oauth_token' => 'your-oauth-token',
    'uid' => 'your-uid',


Use the Laravel IoC container to retrieve the Dropbox API object. See here for more usage examples.

$dropbox = IoC::resolve('dropbox::api');
$metadata = $dropbox->metadata();

Usage examples

Storing OAuth Tokens

This bundle stores OAuth tokens using PHP sessions. It is recommended that you store OAuth tokens somewhere more permanent so that your users don't have to authorise your Dropbox app every time their session expires.

You can retrieve the Dropbox OAuth tokens by doing the following:

$dropbox_session = IoC::resolve('dropbox::session');
$access_token = $dropbox_session->get('access_token');

$access_token will look something like:

stdClass Object
    [oauth_token_secret] => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [oauth_token] => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [uid] => xxxxxxxx

You can then store and re-use this access token. The access token should be set in the bundle's "start" event (see "Configuration" section above) but it can also be set after the bundle has started:

$dropbox_session = IoC::resolve('dropbox::session');
$dropbox_session->set($access_token, 'access_token');

This bundle is a port BenTheDesigner's Dropbox SDK.


You can install this bundle by running the following CLI command:

php artisan bundle:install dropbox

Alternatively you can download it directly from GitHub:


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